We have a holistic approach to help improve health and wellbeing and offer a variety of courses which can promote a positive change to your mental and physical wellbeing. Increase your sense of wellbeing by signing up to one of our gardening, self-development, mindfulness, yoga or breathe well workshops.

Our courses take place during the day, evenings and at weekends. We also have a social prescribing progamme– or community referral – allows GPs, nurses and other primary care health professionals to refer people to a range of local non-clinical. Get in touch for more information.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are proud to offer a wide range of Government funded Community Learning courses. Due to the government funding scheme, residents are limited to enrolling in a maximum of three Community Learning courses during each academic year (September to July). This guideline has been put in place to ensure that as many residents as possible can benefit from these valuable resources and enjoy the opportunity to learn and grow. For more information on this policy and how it affects you please view the Multiple Course Enrolment Policy 2022-23 (pdf, 128 kB)

Yoga is a holistic approach to self-care and wellness, which originated in India. In this course you will practice the most popular type of yoga often known as hatha yoga - from which other styles of contemporary yoga are derived to cater for all needs. This mat-based yoga course is suitable for students of any age, experience and ability who wish to practise gently and relax deeply. It is not suitable during pregnancy, or when people are not able to lie down, sit or stand unassisted. No prior experience is necessary.
The course will include different aspects of yoga including: postures, breathing, meditation, relaxation, philosophy and mindfulness.

Emphasis will be given on physical exercises to develop somatic and core awareness, as well as relaxation skills to unwind. Physical exercises will be done lying down, sitting down, standing upright and on hands and knees. You will be encouraged to work at your own level, adapting poses to suit your own needs and establish a regular home practice.

Mindfulness is about present moment awareness. It is an attentional skill that can be strengthened with appropriate training. This course is based on an understanding of mindfulness that is evidenced by neuroscience. This course is taught by a ‘Breathworks Mindfulness’ accredited teacher. This course is suitable for people who want to learn to meditate and want to develop skills to better deal with stressful situations and to improve wellbeing.
By focusing each week on a different mindfulness exercise and aspect of life, you will gain insights about how to apply mindfulness skills in your everyday life.
In this practical course, you will be encouraged to try different mindfulness exercises on a daily basis. By the end of the course, you will be able to decide which ones work best and carry on with the ones that are most helpful.

If you could implement a few daily exercises to improve your health and wellbeing, wouldn’t you want to do them?

What if all you would need to do is ‘breathe’? Research continues to support the use of controlled breathing techniques to influence nervous system regulation, heart rate variability, physiology, posture, psychological flexibility and a sense of wellbeing.

This one-off session will cover:

  • An introduction to basic anatomy and physiology of breathing.
  • The benefits of slow deep breathing.
  • Breathing techniques from the yoga tradition.
  • How you can continue to develop your knowledge and breathing techniques.

This course will be delivered life online via Zoom. You will need an internet connection and a computer or tablet with microphone and camera. The tutor will send joining instruction details prior attendance.

The Wheel of Life Exercise is a powerful diagnostic and goal-setting tool. This one-hour workshop will support you in using the wheel of life to quickly assess your current levels of life balance and to clarify priorities for goal-setting.

This one-off session will cover:

  • Take time out to reflect and focus.
  • Looking forward and what do you wish to achieve.
  • Use tools on how you achieve key goals.
  • Insightful 45mins of key life skills.

This course will be delivered life online via Zoom. You will need an internet connection and a computer or tablet with microphone and camera.
The tutor will send joining instruction details prior attendance.

This 90-minute ‘taster’ workshop is aimed at adults who would like to learn how to use an invaluable toolkit to promote greater self-awareness, emotional wellbeing, and a happier life.

This workshop is for anyone wanting a fun, practical way to reconnect with nature. By carefully observing different clues, you can figure out which way you’re looking, without GPS, a map or a compass. You can share your Sherlock Holmes-like powers of observation when you’re out and about with friends and family!

We deliver a range of creative courses which encourage learners to use nature as a means of inspiration to develop their creative skills. Whether Print-making, textiles, ceramics our exciting range of courses could be a starting point to develop confidence and progress onto more specialised courses within the adult learning service

Our plant lovers walks introduce learners to a wide variety of plants that are all around us. Join a friendly group and be inspired by the nature around us. Our lecturers are passionate about our natural surroundings. Use your new found knowledge to start a window box or develop gardening skills. Consider a Level 1 accredited gardening course to build your skills and broaden your opportunities to become a volunteer or find work.

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