London contains the highest concentration of people working in the creative and cultural sectors in the UK, making Waltham Forest perfectly situated to help you start a new career in these industries. We provide a range of specially equipped studios for printmaking, painting, photography, fashion, textiles, computer graphics, mixed media design and ceramics sculpture.
Our exciting range of courses and workshops are suitable for people of all abilities and are designed to inspire you and develop your skills.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are proud to offer a wide range of Government funded Community Learning courses. Due to the government funding scheme, residents are limited to enrolling in a maximum of three Community Learning courses during each academic year (September to July). This guideline has been put in place to ensure that as many residents as possible can benefit from these valuable resources and enjoy the opportunity to learn and grow. For more information on this policy and how it affects you please view the Multiple Course Enrolment Policy 2022-23 (pdf, 128 kB)

Have fun exploring the possibilities of working with clay. From ceramic beginners to improvers including jewellery making, we have a range of exciting courses. You maybe new to ceramics or refreshing your existing skills. We also offer a studio space to explore your individual self-directed projects.

  • Ceramics - Taster Sessions (Free)
  • Ceramics - For Beginners
  • Ceramics - For Improvers
  • Ceramics - Studio Practice
  • Ceramics - Jewellery
  • Ceramics - Mindful Ceramics
  • Ceramics - Hyphae, Ceramics Inspired by Nature
  • Ceramics - Advanced Form and Technique

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We offer a range of creative drawing courses to suit all abilities from beginners to more experienced learners. Our lecturers are specialised and experienced at delivering courses that enhance the experience and enable you to progress.

  • Drawing - Tester Sessions (Free)
  • Drawing - Charcoal and Pastels
  • Drawing - Still Life
  • Drawing - Techniques
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Our painting courses range from basic skills in Painting where you are guided through initial composition to line, tone colour and texture techniques to more specific oil, watercolour and Inks. We will enable you to explore impasto, glaze, and layering. We will also introduce you to a range of artists to enhance your learning experience.

  • Painting - Tester Sessions (Free)
  • Painting - Develop Watercolours.
  • Painting - Landscapes in Watercolour (On Location)
  • Painting - Watercolours for all
  • Painting - Painting with Oils - Beginners
  • Painting - Painting with Oils - Improvers
  • Painting - Landscapes in Oils.
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Explore the possibilities that printmaking can offer. You will be introduced to the materials, the different techniques and processes to develop your own unique designs ideas. From Monoprints, to drypoint, woodcuts, stencil printing and lino cutting courses. Produce a variety of hand printed outcomes such as original prints and cards.

  • Printmaking - Tester Sessions (Free)
  • Printmaking - Drypoint and Monoprinting - Beginners
  • Printmaking - Using Stencils and Lino - Beginners
  • Printmaking - Creative print using dry point - Improvers
  • Printmaking - Using Lino - Improvers
  • Printmaking - Developing your skills
  • Printmaking - Developing a range of techniques for printmaking
  • Printmaking - Personal Projects
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Learning to sew or to develop craft skills can open up a completely new world of opportunities. Sewing is a versatile skill, as it's challenging, therapeutic and useful all at the same time.
We have a range of courses to suit all abilities and levels of experience, from absolute beginners to Level 1 and Level 2. These courses could progress you to employment, or further learning.

  • Textiles - Tester Sessions (Free)
  • Textiles - Sewing Craft Course
  • Textiles - Create a Crochet Item
  • Textiles - Build on your Crochet Skills
  • Textiles - Plarn / Upcycled T-shirt item
  • Textiles - Plarn / Upcycled T-shirt - Skills
  • Textiles - Punch Needle Craft
  • Textiles - Punch Needle Craft - Build on your Skills
  • Textiles - Punch Needle Craft - Create an Item
  • Textiles - Introduction to Patchwork
  • Textiles - Patchwork - Build on your Skills
  • Textiles - Patchwork - Create an Item
  • Textiles - Festive Gift Making - Felt Brooch
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Learning to design and create fashion can unlock a whole new realm of possibilities. Fashion design is a versatile skill, offering both creative challenges and therapeutic satisfaction, while being incredibly practical.

We offer a diverse range of courses tailored to individuals of all skill levels and experiences, from complete beginners to those pursuing Level 1 and Level 2 proficiency. These courses are designed to not only enhance your fashion skills but also pave the way for potential employment opportunities or advanced learning in the exciting world of fashion.

  • Fashion - Tester Sessions (Free)
  • Fashion - Garment Making Level 1
  • Fashion - Garment Making Level 2
  • Fashion - Make a basic shirt
  • Fashion - Make a Lounge Wear set (cami/loose trousers)
  • Fashion - Repairs and Alterations
  • Fashion - Sewing - waistcoats
  • Fashion - Upcycling Garments using furnishing
  • Fashion - Update or learn new Sewing Skills
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Transform pieces of furniture with a variety of traditional and modern upholstery techniques. Learn skills to use upholstery tools and materials through working on personal projects. From stripping down to finishing trims, you will enjoy working with form, textures and colours to create desirable pieces of furniture.

  • Upholstery - Introduction - Skills Builder
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Learn basic skills to manipulate different small shapes and forms in clay and use a range of recycled materials to create bespoke wearable jewellery.

  • Ceramic Jewellery - Taster Sessions (Free)
  • Ceramic Jewellery - Polymer Clay Jewellery Item
  • Ceramic Jewellery - Polymer Clay Jewellery skills
  • Ceramic Jewellery - Creating an Item
  • Ceramic Jewellery - Skills
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