W Jackson – Business Support Apprentice

Photo of apprentice sat at a table with a laptop computer

The apprenticeship has opened up so many different opportunities in my life. I honestly believe that if I had gone to university, I may not have had these opportunities at the age I am at (23). I have had various opportunities such as leading on projects, mentoring other apprentices and liaising with different stakeholders.

My apprenticeship has provided me with the skills and knowledge of running a business. As a result, I will be launching in the next couple of months my own social media platform.

I know how to adapt my verbal and written communication to the stakeholders and residents that I come into contact with. I understand the key components to negotiate successfully whilst ensuring that the department benefits from this.

What are some of the challenges you have come across as an apprentice and how have you overcome them?

Dealing with conflicting deadlines, this was overcome by having a discussion with my manager and renegotiating the deadlines of tasks.

What is your progression route once you have completed your apprenticeship?

I am on track to becoming a Business Support Team Leader within the next 18 months.