Mehreen Ayub – Admiral Recruitment Apprentice

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IRP Award 2018 winner, Mehreen Ayub, collecting her award

IRP Award 2018 winner, Mehreen Ayub, collecting her award

How has the apprenticeship impacted on your career since achieving?

The apprenticeship definitely made a big impact on my career – I’ve got better prospects now and options I wouldn’t have had before if I went to Uni because of the experience I’ve gained. I’ve gained a lot of valuable knowledge and skills in recruitment and the sector I work in that I can use to further my career in other industries if I wanted to. Before the apprenticeship I was nervous when just picking up the phone now I have the confidence to communicate with high-end clients and network with other professionals and business leaders – I would not have been able to do this before. I’m also better able to plan ahead in my work, I’ve got my eye on my KPI targets and can plan how I’m going to achieve them. Being better prepared for meetings is also a key skill I’ve learned. I go into a meeting confident to communicate with colleagues and clients and know what I want to achieve during the meeting to get results.

What do you think you have really excelled at since you took on the apprenticeship?

The client servicing side of the role – this involved servicing existing clients that we have on our bookings and also involves generating new business opportunities from these relationships. One of my strengths is being able to build strong relationships with these clients so that Admiral is their first agency to go to when they need any cover therefore it is a win-win all around. I get really excited when I see reports telling us the figures and we can see the income growth – that’s so fulfilling. I have some new clients that bring in new business and this is a good feeling and makes a good impact on the business.

What would be your top tips for anyone working in a target orientated industry like yourself where the expectations are high?

Make sure you build strong relationships with clients – be proactive and not reactive

Always be honest with clients

Manage expectations of clients and candidates who apply for roles

Four Admiral values that we follow:

  1. Be responsive
  2. Act with integrity
  3. Exceed expectations
  4. Be inspiring

Through the experience, skills learned I feel I am now able to take on a Senior consultant role.

How do you see your career prospects going forward?

There are a range of options open to me now with the experience I’ve had, skills I’ve learned and being an award winner – I am now able to take on Senior Consultant role, HR, recruitment coordinator or management.

How has having a career as a result of your hard work and apprenticeship opportunity impacted on your life day to day?

Income wise I have saved up a lot and I have received a lot of attention as a result of the apprenticeship and won the award. My presence in the community is established and I feel like I’ve made it and become successful. My family are very proud of me and they are happy I’ve done so well. I’ve had lots of attention from people that I’ve known over the years.

What difference did winning the National Asian Apprentice of the Year award make to your life and career?

Really makes me stand out to clients and my colleagues have a lot of respect for me so my status has really gone up.

How do you feel about being the Apprenticeship Ambassador?

It is an amazing feeling!!! Now that I am speaking about apprenticeships and I feel like I can have an impact on other people and encourage them to start their career with an apprenticeship.

Thomas Rose, Human Resources Operations Manager and lead for apprenticeships within the company

“Mehreen joined Admiral as an Apprentice Administrator 3 years ago. She has grown personally and professionally and now plays a key role in the commercial team. She actively supports all junior team members including our more recent commercial apprentice Rima Patel who was shortlisted as a finalist in the 2018 Asian Apprentice awards.

“We have found that apprentices are now a key part of the success of Admiral. We love the idea that we are able to coach and develop brilliant students the Admiral Way and play a key role in their progression. We not only give our apprentices the skills to succeed within Admiral but also set a foundation wherever their future takes them.

“Having an apprentice ambassador endorsed by Admiral Recruitment will have a huge impact on potential apprentices. The knowledge that they can receive training on the job in a fast paced, family run and successful environment will show that apprentices are not only beneficial in large corporate companies.”