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All about apprenticeships (National Apprenticeship Week 2021)

Banner for Apprenticeship Week 2021 free apprenticeships webinars (9–12 February 2021). Live online sessions for employers and future apprentices. The banner includes an image of an adult with long hair smiling at the camera.

Employers: there are many ways apprenticeships can benefit your business including upskilling staff and getting funding. Join us online to find out how you can gain from apprenticeships.

For National Apprenticeship Week 2021, we are hosting free live Zoom webinars on Tuesday 9 February, Wednesday 10 February and Friday 12 February 2021.

6 steps to Maximise on the Apprenticeship Levy

One in five levy paying organisations are at risk of missing out on the opportunity to access Apprenticeship training they have already paid for through the levy, as they have no current plans to make use of the apprenticeship levy funds. After 18 months unspent funds in the levy account will be paid to HMRC as a tax. We’ve created a 7 step guide on how we can help you to maximise your organisation’s return on the Levy. Whether you need to fill skills gaps with new apprentices or want to upskill existing employees, now is the perfect time to find out how apprenticeships can be used to develop the skills of your workforce.

1. Expert Apprenticeship Levy Consultation

The Apprenticeship Levy is essentially your training budget. We offer an introductory 1-2-1 Apprenticeship Levy Consultation for all levy paying employers

Our professional service will:

  • Consult with you to understand your organisation’s vision and values and explain how apprenticeships can help achieve your business goals
  • Guide you through setting up and using your Digital Apprenticeship Account to manage levy funds
  • Support you to identify how apprenticeships support workforce development to create a talent pipeline
  • Provide current and relevant information about how your business can benefit from the Levy
  • Explain how to take advantage of the current funding streams and financial incentives for employers
  • Explain apprenticeship training options for both new apprentices and your existing workforce to develop their skills and gain qualifications

2. Appoint Account Manager/ Account Management

We appoint you with an Account Manager so you have one point of contact throughout the apprenticeship programme and excellent customer service. The Account Manager will:

  • Match your job description and person profile to an appropriate level and type of Apprenticeship Programme
  • Provide a new employer induction so you are fully informed about how you contribute to the Apprenticeship, relevant WFALS policies and procedural arrangements, expectations of both partners as the foundation of positive working relationship
  • Carry out a health and safety risk assessment in the workplace

3. FREE, Efficient, Recruitment Service

Your account manager will support you to recruit the right applicant by screening and matching suitable applicants for your apprenticeship role, we then forward suitable CVs to you for shortlisting and interview. Our service includes:

  • Targeted advertising of apprenticeship vacancies to attract applicants with a good level of education, including GCSEs in maths & English, attitude and work ethic, skills and experience you require. Employers are also encouraged to advertise new apprenticeship roles as this increases reach.
  • A three-stage screening process to assess new apprenticeship applicant’s suitability for your role/type of apprenticeship, eligibility for funding
  • Screening your current employees who want to undertake an apprenticeship as professional development

4. Flexible Training and Assessment Planning

We will agree an individualised and comprehensive training package that meets the training needs of the apprentice to ensure they learn the relevant skills and knowledge they need to carry out their role. We do this by providing you with:

  • A highly experienced and qualified delivery and assessment team with industry experience and a shared objective to provide the best customer experience possible
  • An individualised programme timetable will be agreed so you and your apprentice can plan ahead
  • Flexible options within training content, qualifications and assessment are explained and mapped to your job description

5. Optimising Performance and Achievement

Rigorous monitoring of progress and performance in the workplace and off the job training and assessment is a continuous process necessary for successful completion of the apprenticeship and nurturing future talent.

Progress review meetings take place every 12 weeks with you the employer and the apprentice. Your account manager will carry out a 360degree review of your apprentice’s progress against agreed performance targets and milestones from the workplace and off the job training including feedback from you the employer, the apprentice and the delivery team.

Progress reviews are positive and constructive. Where performance targets are met or exceeded this is recognised and areas for improvement are identified. Developmental targets are agreed to keep your apprentice on track to achieve or optimise on their potential

Your account manager will actively be checking progress of your apprentice throughout the programme providing pastoral support, coaching and support for you the employer.

6. Evaluate and Expand

Once your first apprentice or cohort is underway, we will work with you to evaluate the impact that apprenticeships have had on your business. From there we can support you to expand your apprenticeship programme to maximise your return on the levy funds.