Free HGV driver training for Waltham Forest residents

Need a new job and a new challenge? You could get free expert training and support to become an HGV (large or heavy goods vehicle) driver!

Driver in full orange high vis standing in front of an HGV

We are working with Wallace School of Transport, specialist recruiters and local employers (such as Urbaser). Together we are supporting newly trained HGV drivers to get local jobs.

Start your HGV training! Apply now: email us your CV and the status of your licence.

About this training

This training is free.

  • We are fully funding Category C and Category C+E training. (This training normally costs over £2,500.)
  • We are also helping drivers with related forms and assessments.
  • It will take three to four months to complete the course and get your HGV licence.

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Who can take part

Eligible Waltham Forest residents. You must also:

  • be medically fit and
  • have a valid UK car licence.

You must have held your licence for at least a year, with less than 6 points and no driving offences or bans. If your licence has expired, don’t worry: we can help you apply to renew it.

Our training is first-come, first-served but we will give priority to residents who can work for one of our HGV employers while they train.

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Already have an HGV licence?

We can help you to get a new job: email us about our guaranteed interviews with employers and recruiters.

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Your questions

Wallace Transport HGV training vehicle

Who can do this training?

Any Waltham Forest resident who meets the eligibility requirements above can apply for our free training. We are proud of the diversity of HGV drivers in our borough. We encourage applications from people of all backgrounds, ethnicities and genders. Read about Waltham Forest resident Jovita and her journey to become an HGV driver (Waltham Forest News article pdf, 9MB).

If I am unemployed while I train, how will I pay my bills?

You can work while you are training.

I am worried about the medical, what does it involve?

A friendly adviser will ask about your medical history. You will also see a qualified medical professional. There is no need to worry – we will guide you throughout.

I hate forms and find them hard to fill in, can you help?

Our advisers and the Wallace School of Transport will support you.

I’m nervous about the interview, can you help?

Our expert employment advisers can provide free coaching based on your needs. You can also practise in a relaxed environment before your interview.

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Get free HGV driver training: apply now

To take part in Waltham Forest Council’s free HGV training, or to find out if this training is right for you, email our employment team.

Start your HGV training: apply by sending us your CV and the status of your licence. Ready? Apply now.

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