Digital skills and employment programme

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Learning with us

We offer free courses and support to help Waltham Forest adults learn digital skills and increase their job opportunities:

  • Essential Digital Skills Qualification (EDSQ);
  • ‘Let’s get digital’ courses and workshops;
  • Passport to Work employment programme; and
  • Digital mentor support at venues across Waltham Forest.

Essential Digital Skills Qualification (EDSQ)

Based on the government’s national standards, These qualifications are designed for adults aged 19+ and will give you the skills you need to access jobs.

Let’s get digital

From beginner workshops to courses that lead to a qualification.

Passport to Work

Employment and digital skills qualifications are part of our Passport to Work programme for unemployed Waltham Forest residents.

Digital mentor support

For beginners or people who want to fill a gap in their skills:

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Who can take part

These courses and workshops are only for Waltham Forest residents. However, you don’t have to live in Waltham Forest to enrol on our many other digital skills courses.

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Why take part

  • Learn in your own way
  • Gain digital skills for a new job
  • Become more confident using computers, smartphones and other digital devices.

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How to join the programme

You will need to do a free digital skills assessment with us. After your assessment, we can discuss ways to help you improve your digital skills.

Ready to start? Book your free digital skills assessment.

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Other courses and jobs help

More digital skills courses

We have all sorts of other digital skills courses and workshops to help you learn how to use computers and digital devices.

Job clubs and skills courses

For one-to-one help applying for jobs, you can book a free Job Club session with us. To learn new skills and gain a nationally recognised certificate for your CV, you can also take one of our hundreds of courses. Find out more on our job skills and help page.

Jobs help contact form

We offer free support for businesses and residents. This programme is one of several ways we are supporting Waltham Forest residents. To ask us about how we can help you, please complete our jobs help contact form.

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