Greater London Authority GLA privacy notice

Greater London Authority Adult Education Budget Procured Provision Privacy Notice

This privacy notice explains how the Greater London Authority (GLA), collects and processes your personal data in relation to the Adult Education Budget contracts. The GLA is committed to protecting your privacy and your rights under UK Data Protection legislation.

Who we are

The GLA, also known as City Hall, is London’s regional government. City Hall comprises the Mayor of London, who provides Citywide leadership, the London Assembly which acts as the watchdog for London, responsible for holding the Mayor and his advisers to public account, and the staff who support them. Find out more about what we do and who we work with at

The Mayor of London is responsible for the Adult Education Budget (AEB) provision for learners within Greater London. Responsibility for courses funded by AEB is delegated from the Department for Education (DfE) to the Mayor of London for residents who live in the capital.

What personal data we collect and process

Learners’ personal information is collected nationally by the Education Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) on behalf of the DfE and is used by the DfE to exercise its functions and to meet its statutory responsibilities in relation to AEB. The DfE is the data controller for this information. If you would like to exercise your rights in respect of the ESFA data collection, please follow the process as detailed in the ESFA’s Privacy Notice.

Learner information collected by the ESFA is known as the Individualised Learner Record (ILR). The specification and standards for the ILR are published for each academic year (1 August to 31 July) by the ESFA. This specification provides more information about how your personal information is being used and processed by the ESFA and DfE.

The learner information collected by the ESFA is shared with the GLA, which operates as a data controller of your personal data under relevant data protection law. Personal information is collected by the ESFA for the GLA in accordance with the terms and conditions of funding imposed on providers of learning, for example, further education colleges and private training organisations. The GLA is required to process your personal data to enable it to carry out its functions and statutory responsibilities, including reporting to the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) on the ‘match funding’ of European Social Fund (ESF) programmes.

In addition, the GLA collects some supplementary information to comply with ESF requirements, for which the DWP is the data controller. Information about use of and access to your personal data held by the GLA, details of organisations with whom the GLA regularly share data, information about how long the GLA retain your data, and how to exercise your rights in respect of the information collected by the GLA is set out in further detail in this privacy notice.

The purposes of data processing by the GLA and DWP

The information you provide to the GLA will be shared with the DWP and used to evaluate this AEB procured provision and to report to the GLA and ESF for monitoring purposes, in line with European Commission regulatory requirements.

Your information will also be shared with research organisations working on behalf of the DWP or GLA who may contact you to discuss your involvement in the AEB procured provision for research purposes. Participation in this research is voluntary and you will be asked to consent before taking part in any research activity you may be contacted about.

The DWP may also link your personal details to official administrative records in order to monitor your employment status before your AEB training course began and 6 to 12 months after you left. This information may also be shared with research organisations working on behalf of the DWP, however individuals will not be identifiable, and you will not be contacted about this research.

Data will not be used or shared for any commercial or marketing purposes. At all times your information will be kept securely, and nobody will have access to it that shouldn’t.

The basis for collecting your personal data and the General Data Protection Regulation

For the purposes of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the DWP is the data controller in respect to information processed which relates to all participation in the ESF, including AEB Procured provision which is match funding for the ESF. AEB procured training providers and the GLA are data processors in respect to information processed which relates to learners in the AEB procured provision which is match funding for the ESF.

DWP is not the controller for any other/additional data collected by the AEB procured training provider or the GLA that is not essential for delivering the ESF programme (including the AEB procured provision which is used as match funding), or for any personal data that would normally be collected anyway by the AEB procured training provider or the GLA. For the avoidance of doubt, the GLA is not collecting any personal information which is not required for delivering the ESF programme.

Under data protection legislation, the DWP and the GLA may only process your personal data where there is a lawful basis to do so. The ESF Programme Action Note 018/18 sets out the lawful basis for processing personal data under ESF, which also applies to the AEB procured provision as match funding for the ESF.

How we share your personal data

For the purposes of exercising its public functions and meeting its statutory responsibilities in relation to the AEB or ESF, or where you have provided your consent to do so, the GLA may share your personal data with the ESFA, DfE, DWP, the European Commission and other organisations, including third parties who are working for the GLA, the ESFA, DfE, DWP, or the European Commission under contract or as required by law.

In order for the GLA to carry out its functions, the GLA may share your personal information with other training providers to verify the reliability of information in relation to a claim for funding from the GLA or for the purposes of your continued learning, for example when a training provider is unable to continue your course and the GLA needs to find alternative provision. When this is the case, the GLA may also need to request information from Awarding Organisations.

The GLA may provide statistical (non-personal) information to a number of organisations including the London European Programmes Management Unit, the London Assembly, the London Economic Action Partnership, London’s other Co-financing Organisations, London Councils, London boroughs and for other purposes related to the administration of the GLA’s AEB and ESF programmes. The GLA may report on the AEB procured provision as a whole, or on cross sections of the provision such as the numbers of learners for an individual borough. These reports will not mention you by name, or identify you by any other distinguishing feature, and we will not provide information on individuals other than in an anonymised format. Specifically, anonymised information will NOT include your name, address, National Insurance number, telephone number(s) or email address(es).

The learner information that is used to provide reports may be drawn from the information shared with us by the DfE as well as information collected through the Supplementary Data Collection Template published on our website. The information may include the following:

  • Gender;
  • Date of birth;
  • Postcode;
  • London borough of residence;
  • Labour market status and related information (unemployed, economically inactive, employed, length of unemployment, in education or training);
  • Equalities characteristics (e.g. ethnic background, disabled status);
  • Household status (e.g. single parent);
  • Highest level of qualification held at start of training and basic skills requirements;
  • Support received while on the course (including childcare);
  • Qualifications achieved and destination information.

How long will your personal data be held for?

All personal data held by DWP or research contractors for the purposes of ESF evaluation will be permanently deleted no more than six months after the research has been completed (i.e. when the final report is published on GOV.UK).

Personal data held by DWP for all other ESF purposes as required by European Commission regulations will be retained in line with the current guidance on GOV.UK. This guidance states that information required for ESF purposes must be retained for at least two years after the national Audit Authority submits the Annual Control Report which includes the final expenditure for the completed national ESF programme to the European Commission. In practical terms, learners should assume this will be until at least 31st December 2033.

Where information is not required for ESF purposes it will be destroyed six years from the end of the Financial Year in which the last payment is made by the GLA under the AEB procured contract.

The rights available to individuals in respect of the processing

If you do not wish your personal data to be used for ESF evaluation purposes, please contact ESF.EVALUATIONS@DWP.GSI.GOV.UK and the DWP will delete your data held for these purposes and you won’t be contacted about participating in research.

More information about how and why DWP uses your personal information, including how to ask for a copy of the personal information DWP holds about you can be found in DWP’s Personal Information Charter.

Guidance on how to ask for a copy of the information DWP holds about you (known as a ‘Right of Access Request’) is available online

Protecting your personal data

We are committed to protecting your personal information and having the appropriate safeguards in place for the safety and security of all information provided. This includes having the appropriate technical and organisational arrangements in place to ensure your personal information is safe and secure.

How to contact us

If you have any questions or concerns relating to this privacy notice please contact the GLA’s Data Protection Officer. You can do this by emailing or by writing to:

The Data Protection Officer Information Governance Team City Hall, The Queen’s Walk, London SE1 2AA