Information, advice and guidance

We offer impartial information and advice to help you make decisions about your learning.

ALS team member at a reception desk speaking on the phone

Education and careers support

Having a goal to work towards helps keep us on track. Our friendly experienced team is here to help you do just that.

From setting your goals to identifying the steps you need to achieve them, our trained advisors will work through it all with you for free. Advice can include enrolling on a course with us or doing something completely different.

If you decide to enrol on a course, we have help available. We also offer jobs-related support including free job skills and CV writing; work experience and volunteering opportunities; and a dedicated team to help you get a new job.

Free assessment sessions

To help find the right course for you, book a free course assessment with us.

Your emotional health and wellbeing

We want all our learners to feel confident in their learning and to achieve their goals. Most of our learners study while running a home, raising a family, working, and often caring for relatives.

Your emotional wellbeing can suffer under the weight of everyday pressures. Helping you to ease these pressures is important to us. We will ask you about your emotional health and wellbeing throughout the course, so that we can help you thrive while you learn.

Courses and training from other providers