Waltham Forest Adult Learning Board

Role of our Board

Composite images of learners, staff and our main learning centres

The Adult Learning Board’s role is to provide robust scrutiny and challenge to the Waltham Forest Adult Learning Service, its staff and management. The Board:

  • receives performance reports and helps contribute to improving the quality of the Waltham Forest Adult Learning Service
  • reviews the curriculum plan to meet resident and local employer needs
  • supports the business cycle of the Service including the three-year business/service plan
  • agrees an annual report for senior officers, councillors and external stakeholders
  • works with the head of the Service (Head of Employment and Skills).

The Board is accountable to the Director of Economic Growth and Regeneration at Waltham Forest Council.

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Board members

Board members are not paid. They include volunteers, members of staff and Waltham Forest residents:

  • 2 members nominated by Waltham Forest Council
  • 6 recruited members
  • 2 staff members nominated by staff
  • 1 learner representative
  • The head of our area (Employment, Business and Skills).

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What Board members do

The Board meets twice each year and members spend about 10 hours each year on quality assurance activities. Board members are expected to:

  • attend two meetings each year
  • participate in quality assurance activities e.g. performance review boards (PRBs) and ‘learning walks’
  • take part in Board member training and development
  • comply with the Waltham Forest Adult Learning Service Code of Conduct
  • promote and champion the Service, particularly in the communities we serve.

You can find out more about our Board by emailing adult.learning@walthamforest.gov.uk.

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