Course fees

Our courses have different fees depending on your circumstances and the course that you want to do. Please come in and speak to our team about the support that we can provide with paying for your course.

Adults in receipt of state benefits

Courses are free up to Level 2 if you’re unemployed, looking for work, or earn less than £338 per month (individual claims) or £541 a month (household claims) and are in receipt of a means-tested benefit (excluding child benefit). You will need to sign a form stating that you are looking for a job and provide evidence of the benefit you receive to qualify for a government fully funded course.

Funding rules are complicated and we cannot list every fee, therefore some courses may be exempt from this offer. Discounted fees may apply in some cases.

Standard fee

This is for anybody who is not in receipt of a state benefit and does not qualify for the discounted fee.

Working Tax Credits – help with fees

Our Learner Support Fund helps those on Working Tax Credits to pay their course fees. The Council pays up to 70% of your fees. Other help with some course-related costs may also be available. Contact any of our main centres for advice about how we may be able to help you.

Paying for your course

You will need to pay course fees and any additional fees when you book your course.

You can pay:

  • In person by visiting any of our main centres
  • Over the phone by calling 020 8496 2974

We can only accept payment for courses by debit or credit card.


A refund will only be given if your course is closed. Learners withdrawing from a course are not entitled to a refund. In some cases we can allow learners to transfer the balance of their payment for a course to another course in the same academic year.