Computers and ICT

lady using a computer

Computers and ICT

In the modern digital age, ICT skills are more valuable than ever. Having good computer skills can improve your chances of getting a job and your ability to complete tasks in your current job.

The use of computers has become essential for the workplace and to progress in education. It is also an important way to stay in touch with your family and friends. Many services are now only available online. Not having computer skills can leave you isolated and unable to take advantage of the financial benefits of the World Wide Web.

We specialise in courses for complete beginners wishing to learn the basics, and for more experienced learners wanting to enhance their skills and build confidence.

If you would like to join a course, come along to one of our information sessions where you can enrol and ask staff any questions you have.

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For more information about computer and ICT courses come to an information, advice and enrolment session, visit or call one of our centres or email