Charlotte Moore case study

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Charlotte Moore, 17 from Walthamstow

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Charlotte Moore at her desk

“I absolutely love my job, I enjoy it so much. The people I work with are so kind and helpful. I would recommend an apprenticeship to everyone.”

Charlotte found out about apprenticeships from her neighbour after she decided that the college course that she was studying wasn’t for her.

Charlotte got in touch with the Adult Learning Service and after meeting with them she chose to do an apprenticeship in Business Administration Level 3 at Peabody Maintenance Group. She knew she would gain valuable experience of working and training and she liked the idea of earning as well as learning.

She said: “Doing an apprenticeship has benefited me in lots of ways, for example, I have made new friends, I have something to look forward to in the mornings and I would say that I have grown as a person.”

Charlotte has received a lot of support from the Adult Learning Service. She said; “The teachers and placement officers were so helpful, they were always there for me even when I was going through a rough patch, they never gave up on me. Through meeting new people and the training that I have received I feel that I have improved as a person and I am a lot more confident.