Kate Hammond – Big Creative Apprenticeship

Kate Hammond Big Creative Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships create right route for jobs

Nearly four out of every five apprentices who take a course with Big Creative Training, in Blackhorse Lane, find work in the creative industries with around half finding a permanent job with the company they do the apprenticeship with – that’s the proud boast of tutor, Kate Hammond.

Kate said: “We have about 60 apprentices a year on our Level Three courses and they are clearly the right ones for people wanting to work in the creative industries as so many of our apprentices find work in the industry.

“We take people on to the apprenticeship courses every month so there’s always the chance to join us and as our tutors are all working in, or have worked in, the creative sector we bring practical experience to our classes as well as a wide network of contacts.

“Masterclasses bring experts in to share their expertise and be questioned by our students.”
Big Creative Training offers three Level Three apprenticeships in Live Events and Promotions, Digital Marketing, and Junior Content Production.

Kate added: “Our ethos is to help our apprentices through to Level Three while exposing them to the creative industries. We make sure that the course content we deliver is right for the people taking each course so they get maximum benefit from their one day a week with us.

“Most of our students come from Waltham Forest, which is a great creative hub, but increasingly we are attracting students from across east and central London because of the quality of courses we offer.”

And there are plans to expand the services available.

Kate explained: “We’ve just taken two floors at Gnome House in Blackhorse Lane so we can provide workspace for local small creative businesses to work alongside our students.

“We are also looking to buy a warehouse so we can create a film studio so apprentices can get even more practical experience and even set up their own independent production companies.”

More information at www.bigcreative.education