Teniola Thomas-Ogunyemi has recently successfully completed a touchtyping and keyboarding course with Waltham Forest Adult Learning Service. This is what they had to say about the assistance provided by the staff and service:

“Leytonstone Learning Link went over and beyond what was necessary to help me to learn keyboarding and I am grateful for their help and assistance.”

“Since I started this course my accessibility to IT has improved and I no longer have to wear thick glasses because the proper equipment has been provided.

“I couldn’t use the keyboard before because of sight and now I can.

“I couldn’t use my personal computer before because I couldn’t read the monitor but now things have changed for the better and I can now use my computer at home well and efficiently.

“Waltham Forest Adult Learning Service provided me with the necessary equipment to make accessibility a possibility and it will be of benefit in the workplace for visually impaired people to do this course so that they can work anywhere even when employers claim they haven’t got the equipment. They are self-sufficient with any PC, in particular use of the NVDA for Non-Visual Display Access, the on-screen magnifier and special monitor which is easily adjustable. The electronic reader enlarges whatever document needs to be read and typed.

“All thanks to the equipment, overall support and training which has been provided at Leytonstone Learning Link.”

Teniola emailed us again to give us an update about her success after completing her course with us.

“I wish to thank you profusely for the attention and support you gave to me while doing the course in particular your showing how best to use the computer (magnifier and the NVDA) which has enabled me to find work as a volunteer in an immigration organisation, which has also enhanced my training as an immigration adviser. Thanks for showing me how to survive as a disabled person in this technological environment we now live in.

“I started work in April this year so doing the course was worthwhile as it has given me the opportunity to go back to work despite my severe partial blindness.

“Thanks again for your help and I will keep in contact with you.”

Teniola Thomas-Ogunyemi

We always like to hear from previous learners so if you have done a course with us and would like to share some good news please email adult.learning@walthamforest.gov.uk